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September 15th, 2010, 8:27 pm

Captain Ghost

Semi-hiatus >> edit: hiatus over!

Until January 01, 2011.

I want to detail GT's story a bit more, I mean, I have my storyline more or less the way I want it [I know what happens at point A, B, C, and so on] and that's worked for me -- until now. I have found that I seem to work better when I know /exactly/ what's coming up next, so I want to work on that.

Also, I'd like to build a buffer so that I might be able to update at least once ever 1-2weeks.

So, every 3rd or 4th page I have as buffer, I'll post one up here.

Every story I have right now, I look at, and it just... frustrates me!
So I hope you don't mind too much if I take a break.

I realize that I haven't been updating much to begin with -- but with this news officially posted, I think I'll actually be ABLE to think/work /properly/... or some such.

Anyway, sorry.

... I totally want a spiff lay-out too, so keep an eye out for that ;p

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