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GT:AC - Cover
GT:AC - Cover

Willow is taken away from her home and made to look for a special medallion. Supposedly, this amulet has the power to stop a war occurring in a very distant, possibly even other-wordly, land. It sounds simple at first, but it is soon realized that the problem may not lie solely in finding, but retrieving... *This is a story set in a pokemon region, but it does not completely focus on pokemon itself. *Some canons will be included, though they will be much older/more mature than in the anime. *I do not own Pokemon or Pokemon characters. Pokemon is (c) GAME FREAK & co.


May 29th, 2014, 4:37 pm

Captain Ghost

Wanted: Cameos!

Hey all! A few scenes coming up are looking to be crowd-heavy.
Aaaaand I'm also looking for a few for something specific.
It's always more fun to draw actual characters instead of making em up, I think.
Interested? Read on!

* * * *

Opening this up to readers of any of my comics. (Well, preferably readers. It's not like I can confirm whether you are. /shrug)

I am looking for faces to fill in crowds, yes. BUT.
I am also looking for a few people to fill in a few specific panels.
These people will be A. Singing and/or B. Dancing!

There are three comics I'm looking to cameo folks in--

1. Ghost's Tale: A Crossover
This is the one requiring singers/dancers.
It's currently set in a Pokemon universe but anything relatively humanoid will do.
Please include Pokemon Partners if they have any~ (Which may or may not be included depending on composition, etc.)

2. Salt & Pepper: Leaf Green Nuzlocke
Mostly looking at crowd faces. Humans only (+ Pokemon partners if they got em~)

3. The Legend of Zelda: Maiden of the Moon
Again, crowd faces. In this case, mostly people who'd be up to joining in a rag tag army of sorts. But also townsfolk.
Any LoZ race welcome. Zoras and Gorons though, needs me some of thooose~

Now it should be noted that posting here doesn't automatically mean your character will be in the comics (sorry!) but, if I can fit 'em in, I definitely will!

So what do I need?

Simple! I need references, please!
Any extra info on top of that is welcome.
And if they are singing/dancing in GT, feel free to include a song they'd choose, and their demeanour in performing (lively, shy, rock star, etc.)

That is all! <333 Thanks!


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March 6th, 2013, 1:33 am

Captain Ghost

Updates soon... ish.

So it's been... huh. A little over a month?

Sorry guys, I ... don't know what happened.
At the moment, I'm still struggling mostly with scripting issues, and trying to figure out the comic's future (ie. what the best course of action to take is; GT itself is not stopping, no way).

Soooo. Yeah. My apologies for the wait! My intent is to get at the least a chapter cover up soon, and hopefully I'll have more news then.



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August 14th, 2012, 4:30 pm

Captain Ghost


Sorry for the scattered updates this summer, you guys! Not quite sure what went down hahah. Been busy/absent minded a little.

Things will be getting back on track shortly!

This is just a post to let you know that the past few weeks may as well have been considered kinda like a vacation... Been out of town a lot!



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May 23rd, 2012, 1:42 am

Captain Ghost

New layout & 100 pages (soon!)

In (2) pages! GT will have reached 100. I am excited. Whee!
(it's only been what, 3 years? >w> man, what was I doing with my time?!)

And, also, new layout. Still got stuff to work on (a better logo/background pic, new next/previous/first/last buttons, and updated character/extras/links pages), but I'm liking it loads better than the old one. Much more... slick.

Anyway, if it's too bright or if something else about it is bugging you, please let me know so I can maybe do something about it, yeah? (:

In the meantime, moving forward! WOOHOOO~


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